What are other bowlers saying about the KMT Personal Ball Jig?

CAT Plummer – Email  “Just want to thank you for all your help, and suggestions to be refit. You were right there wasn’t much right about my drilling stats. After being refit, and doing much research and learning I have started drilling with the personal jig. I have plugged and drilled three of my balls with the new specs. Each one of those balls match, as far as span, and pitch specs, where as not one of the existing drilled balls match anything, or each other. The holes are a perfect fit to the finger and thumb inserts. When I check the pitches after drilling the holes, the pitches are PERFECT, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. My pin average has improved by 25 pins. I am no longer in pain and exhausted after bowling a single series. When I grab my balls now I am secure that my balls are drilled correct and will not harm my body, which has improved my confidence 10 fold. Now I can pay complete attention to what I am doing all through my approach and release. I bowled my first 600+ series at a tournament,after I worked my first ball. My success has been very good with the newly drilled balls also. I can’t be any more happy with the drilling jig. I will always use the jig because it is that important to me that my balls are correct for my hand and body No other reason. It is my opinion that correct specs and drilling are the most important above all else. I can’t begin to thank you enough for this wonderful device. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! And so many more thank yous. CAT”

Elite Bowling International – Email  “To be honest I was very skeptical, but I wanted to see it. I was impressed with the quality when I pulled it out of the box. You’ve obviously got some time and money into the R&D of this to get it where it is at. As I told the other guy who drills in our shop, I’d use it if I didn’t have access to a press. The holes are unbelievably good. They came out as good as the holes that we pilot on the mill.”

woodmastertheman – eBay  “Steve has the knowledge to deliver everything and more with this drilling jig. I’ve got my own personal Pro Shop now and Steve’s always willing to help and answer questions to help me understand how to handle the layout and the drilling of a bowling ball, to fit me and my needs. I’ve dealt with Steve for many years now, and he’s always shown respect and kindness, and answered and helped me out with all my Pro Shop needs. Now I can do my own at home and it works. I’ve done two already with in a week of getting the KMT Personal Ball Jig. I personally am blown away at how easy this is once you understand some really simple concepts that he explains in the video about the drilling layout and the different reactions you can use. Thank you Steve for all your help.”

lithium626 – eBay  “I recently used this product to drill a ball for a friend. It works perfectly. He and I have the same pitch and span, so it was a cinch to drill his ball. The cuts were perfect, the pitches were accurate, and the time it took was only 15-20 min. I was able to use my rulers and protractors to accurately lay out his ball and give him the reaction he desired. I am very satisfied, not to mention I didn’t spend $40 on a drilling.”

Ed Ladwig – California  “WOW TOTALLY INCREDIBLE!! I have been drilling bowling balls for years. At first I was skeptical about how well the KMT Drill Jig would work, but then I was amazed how quick and easy it was using the jig. After using the drill, I hit every span on the bowling balls and pitches came out exact each time. I’ve never used drill bits that cut so clean, they cut like butter!!!! Within 15 minutes I was bowling with a perfectly drilled bowling ball.”

Dewy3399 – Forum Member  “…I read the instructions, watched the video, and practiced on an old ball. This was VERY easy. If you drill a ball a year it probably isn’t for you. I will drill 2-4 balls a year plus my son’s who is an avid bowler averaging 200’s. Put it this way, I have drilled 6 balls with it since I bought it and never had a problem yet. Common sense is all you need, after the first drilling it all fell into place. Thank you KMT Pro Shop!! I have paid for the jig in the first 4 I drilled.”

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