Bowling Ball Layouts

Ball Layouts Using the KMT Personal Ball Jig

Laying out a new ball may seem like a difficult, nearly impossible task. However, the most difficult part is deciding on a desired ball reaction for your new equipment.

The deciding factor when laying out your ball is whether it has a symmetric or asymmetric core shape. Each core type has different methods of layout. Obviously, the best place to start looking when deciding on a ball layout is the ball’s included layout guide. This document will usually give you a couple layouts, each with a different shot shape and motion. If you’re interested in a motion that isn’t on the ball layout guide, or you want a more specific layout, use the linked documents under GUIDES to assist with your decision.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Core Typical Characteristics

Symmetric Core Typical CharacteristicsSymmetric Core Typical Characteristics:

  • Marked Pin and CG
  • More Layout Options
  • More Predictable Motion


Asymmetric Core Typical CharacteristicsAsymmetric Core Typical Characteristics:

  • Marked Pin, CG, and PSA
  • Fewer Layout Options
  • Stronger Downlane Reactions


Contact Steve Zoeller at 616-581-2564 or contact KMT Enterprises online for more information.


KMT Personal Ball Jig and DoDo Scale Attachment Product Documentation:

When ordering the KMT Personal Ball Jig, you should specify your thumb and finger pitches in order to receive the correct top plate. Product documentation for the KMT Personal Ball Jig and the DoDo Scale Attachment is available for download on this page. Use this information and documentation, along with layout information, to successfully drill and reproduce your grip pitches on your new bowling ball.

KMT Personal Ball Jig

If you have questions about how to properly read the pitch guides, please contact Steve Zoeller at KMT Enterprises using the form available on the CONTACT KMT page. It is absolutely vital you properly read and use the pitch guides to ensure proper drilling and pitching of all holes.

KMT Personal Ball Jig Includes the Following:

  • KMT Personal Ball Jig
  • Bridge Plate (Your Specification)
  • 1 ⅛ and 1 ¼ Drill Bits
  • Bevel Sanding Attachment with Disks
  • Marking Pencil
  • Span Ruler
  • Instructions Available HERE
  • Reference Guides Available HERE

Drill Your Own Bowling BallKMT DoDo Scale Attachment Includes the Following:

  • Beam Attachment and Vertical Bar with Screws
  • Top Plate with Screws
  • ⅜” x 5″ Bolt, Weight Disks, Washers
  • Bearing Holder with 2 Bearings
  • Slide Weight for Beam
  • Leveling Blocks for Scale
  • Instructions Available HERE
  • Reference Guides Available HERE

Contact Steve Zoeller at 616-581-2564 or contact KMT Enterprises online for more information.